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Storytime Sam

Enhance your child's creativity and passion for reading with an endless libabry of children's stories.

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About Us

Experience the Magic of AI Storytelling with Storytime Sam!

Storytime Sam is perfect for parents and caregivers looking for a fun and engaging way to encourage their children to read. It's also great for teachers who want to use technology to enhance their classroom curriculum.

For Students:
For kids who don't have many books or who need extra motivation to read, the endless variations and customization of those the app can make in an instant could be the key to reading more. For many kids, feeling like they are reading something they have created could be the key to getting them to engage with the written word.

For Parents:
The creative component of creating the tales in Storytime Sam adds a unique motivation to get kids reading.

For Teachers:
Storytime Sam could underpin a variation on daily storytelling for classroom teachers. Each day, one of the kids could choose the prompts to generate a story they read aloud to the rest of the class or the teacher reads. The short story lengths make this an easy activity to fit into the day.

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We are constantly adding new features based on feedback from caregivers, parents, and teachers.

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