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How to use yaswedo to uberize your front office:

Our core service is developing technology that connects you to your team on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step:


Step 1

A service call is received and a job is created.

A front office (dispatcher/manager) enters the address associated with the service call into the app; chooses a type of activity associated with the job; chooses and existing customer for the job or creates a new one; then assigns each activity to a technician.


Step 2

A specialist begins working.

A specialist using the companion app (y3ster) receives a notification including details such as how to get there (directions, traffic), a link to a channel where he can discuss the job and activity with coworkers; and view any documents and/or pictures associated with the work. Examples include blueprints, design ideas, and other information that may aid the technician and or team. 


Step 3

The specialist completes the activity.

The technician enters the hours worked; adds notes to the job including any pictures of the completed work; and updates the advities progress for review.


Step 4

Work is reviewed and the activity is closed.

The dispatcher/manager receives a notification whenever progress is made to the activity.  The dispatcher/manager reviews the work done and marks the activity as complete, or closed/discared.  The technicians time and notes are retained by the system for billing purposes.


Step 5

Activity based bill statement is generated for the customer.

An activity based billing statement is generated for the customer and for the manager so that he may better manage his resources. 

Sign up your team today

Ready to experience yaswedo for yourself? Dispatch your first job using yaswedo, or get working as a specialist using y3ster.

Keep in touch with your team from start to finish

Dispatch and create jobs in a few taps

Before you dispatch a job, see where the job is, who is closest to the job and available is so you don’t have to guess.  Use this to provide the best serivice to your customers, increase your efficiency, and reduce bill disputes.

Communicate with your field-team in real-time

When you receive a new job assignment, the app will send you a notification. This new assignment will automatically appear on your map along with any relevant details about the job and the assigned activity.  When you update progress on the activity, you can add notes about the work performed, hours spent, and any images.  You're supervisor will automatically be notified whenever you change the progress on the job. 

Monitor and review jobs in one place

Check job assignments, supplies, view/add/modify activities, update job details, and review completed activities in the app to deliver the most time-effective service to your customers.

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New Hires

Hire specialists to complete your job

Hire specialists to complete a job through the app and assign upto two types of bill rates.

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