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How to hire a specialist

Our core service is developing technology that connects you to your team on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step:

View Employees

When you initially create a client account, you are assigned a specialist worker ID which is your default employee. You can assign activities to this default employee and use it as a specialist via the yasmen app.  To add a new employee to specialist to your team, click the green plus icon in the top right hand corner.

Search by Email

Using yaswedo enter the email that the specialist you want to hire used to sign up for the yaswedo platform (one of yasmen or yaswedo). Once you tap on search, the app will search the specialists registered on the yaswedo platform to find the details of the specialist associated with the email address you entered.

Send new hire request

Use yaswedo to review the details of the specialist associated with the email address you entered in the previous step.  Add any relevant offer details such as travel rate and bill rate. After you tap the hire button, the selected specialist will be sent your offer. He/She may choose to either accept your offer or reject it. 

Add Bill Rate

Once you have selected the specialist you would like to add to your team, you can add a travel rate (per hour) and a bill rate (per hour). 

Receive Notification

Once a supervisor or client as elected to extend you and offer via the yaswedo app, you will receive a notification to join their team via the yasmen app.  Here you may review the offer including the offered bill rate and travel rate and either accept or reject the offer. Accepting the offer via the yasmen app will notify the client that you have accepted their offer, and their team (in yaswedo) will be updated according.  

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