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Getting started with yaswedo for iOS


I will show you how to dispatch a job to your team using yaswedo for iOS. yaswedo is an all in one front-office solution and dispatch center that gives your business and team the power of an enterprise level backend system like the ones used by Uber, doordash, postmates, etc., Use yaswedo to manage your jobs, your employees, and your customers.

yaswedo for iOS is currently in open beta and is available for free by signing up via the link:

In this blog series we'll go from getting started with yaswedo. How to hire through yasmen, how to create jobs and activities and assign them to your employees. Finally, we will complete the circle by showing you how to review a completed activity and mark a job as complete.

Getting Started

Sign your team or organization up as a beta user by going to After signing up, you will receive an email with a link to yaswedo for download via testflight. In addition to a link to download yaswedo you will also receive links to yasmen. Yasmen is available on both iOS and the Android Play Store. We designed yasmen to be tightly integrated with the yaswedo platform.

Give each of your specialists yasmen so that you can monitor their activities, dispatch them to jobs, share attachments and collaborate on jobs. All in real-time. Use yasmen to complete your jobs quickly, efficiently, achieve greater customer satisfaction, reduce bill disputes, and increase revenue.

Once you have downloaded and installed yaswedo on your iOS device. Turning on the device brings you to the login screen. Create an account by tapping the link prompting you to create one. On the next screen, enter your company or team name, your email address and select a password.

Once sign up is completed, you will be taken back to the main screen prompting you to login again while our servers get everything setup for you and your team.

Login using the username and password you just created and you will be taken to a map which will automatically scale to show you all your currently open jobs. Since we just created a new account, we dont yet have any active jobs.

On your home screen item 1 is your inbox. This is where all the jobs that your team completes will appear for your final review. Tapping on item 2 will cause the app to refresh all downloaded data and rescale the map screen to fit all currently active jobs. Item 3 is the menu where you can access things like your company profile, chats, notifications, customers, jobs, and employees.

Upon creating an account, you are automatically assigned a worker in yasmen. This is your first worker. Think of this like your organization's default worker and works just like a regular employee. That is, you can assign this employee jobs, send them messages, and track their progress just like a regular employee. You use this employee to complete jobs, just use your credentials for yaswedo in the yasmen app on either android or iOS.

Thats it you are now all set to go with yaswedo! Next time we'll show you how to create jobs, and hire employees.

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